Let’s imagine a thought experiment where you moved your entire cryptocurrency portfolio to a single coin and then froze your body via cryogenics for 10 years. How should you pick that one coin? In this scenario, the best way to approach the problem would be defensively. Avoiding the possibility of losing the coin and making sure that the protocol will survive the next 10 years should be your biggest concern.

Here are a couple of ways the protocol or network might die:

  1. Sustained majority attack by miners, hackers, opponent protocols or governments
  2. Serious design issues
  3. Serious bugs in the code

At the start of 2018, Spearhead created a blog post about angel investing lessons.

One of the lessons was:

10. Play fantasy football

Build your instincts by looking at startups without investing. This will build up your instincts, which are what you use to make investment decisions. And you need a lot of data to build up your instincts.

In the old days, you had to work at a VC firm to see dealflow. You had to make a few investments and lose money before getting good judgment. John Doerr famously called this “crashing a fighter jet.“ …

What is EOS?

EOS is a blockchain protocol for building scalable decentralized applications.

Blockchains can only have two of these three properties: Decentralization, Scalability, Security

You’ll want all of your public blockchains to be secure, so you have to pick one of the other two options: Decentralization or Scalability. It is important for the market to test out both pathways.

EOS is an experimental blockchain with lower decentralization and higher scalability.

There have been countless blog posts, tweets, videos and talks about how EOS isn’t decentralized at all. I won’t be touching upon that subject since it’s been debated to death.

Here is…

Turkey, one of the biggest countries in terms of population (#19) and in terms of economic power (#13), is experiencing a serious economic crisis, which is mostly fueled by the current politics.

The Turkish Lira has lost about 50% of its value in the last year, and about 30% of its value in the last 1 month. That means you could’ve bought 2 iPhones a year ago, but can only buy 1 today. It gets even worse when you look at a wider time frame.

Depressing 1 year and 10 year TRY to USD graphs

Usually when a country messes up the economy, the central bank will try to stabilize…

I’ve thought about blogging for a long time. I’m reaching 29 now and I’m starting to understand how the world works. I believe it is time for me to share some of my insights which might be helpful at least to my friends and possibly to other people. If no one reads anything I write, I’m sure that it will be helpful to me by helping me get my thoughts together.

Previously open sourcing my programming problems, my snippets of code have been very valuable. For a few years I solved most of my programming problems by visiting StackOverflow and…

Op. Dr. Sinan GÖKER ile Femtolasik lazer göz ameliyatı tecrübesi


Ilk önce kendi durumumdan bahsedeyim. 25 yaşında erkeğim ve 6 yaşından itibaren gözlük kullanıyorum. 15 yıldır gözümüm açık olduğu vaktin yaklaşık 80%ininde ya bir ekrana yada bir yazıya bakıyorum. Sağ gözümde 6.25 miyop + 3.00 astigmat, sol gözümde 5.00 miyop + 3.00 astigmat vardı, yüksek numaradan dolayıda askerlikten muafım. Yaklaşık 22–23 yaşında gözümün ilerlemesi durdu. Bu yazıyı ameliyattan 24 saat geçmeden yazmaya başladım ve bunu yazmamın sebebi ise, ameliyat olacağımı sadece birkaç arkadaşa bahsettim ve bir yığın soruya maruz kaldım. Hayatım boyunca neredeyse hiç lens kullanmadığım için, beni gözlüksüz gören…

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