Hello world first blog post

I’ve thought about blogging for a long time. I’m reaching 29 now and I’m starting to understand how the world works. I believe it is time for me to share some of my insights which might be helpful at least to my friends and possibly to other people. If no one reads anything I write, I’m sure that it will be helpful to me by helping me get my thoughts together.

Previously open sourcing my programming problems, my snippets of code have been very valuable. For a few years I solved most of my programming problems by visiting StackOverflow and copy pasting them. If an answer to a problem I solved was not in StackOverflow I would just post it there myself. Sometime this answer got thousands of votes.) Sometimes it didn’t, but when I searched for the same problem on Google 6 months later, I would be delightfully surprised that the problem was solved and posted online by me. I had a similar experience by open sourcing the code I wrote for my own projects. So, creating content = good. Blog posts are the most efficient way of creating short content that can also explore an idea on a deeper level.

After all, according to the commandments of dataism:

“If you experience something, record it. If you record something, upload it. If you upload something, share it.”

I plan on doing exactly that.

I’m going to try to write about something at least every month. Will I be able to keep it up? Will this be helpful? Let’s see what comes out of it in a year.

Engineer, entrepreneur, investor, gamer. Website: https://goktug.io

Engineer, entrepreneur, investor, gamer. Website: https://goktug.io